What Happen to Vic…

About 7 years ago I hit a very weird point in my musical career, instead of making the music I loved to make I started making music to appeal to a certain audience. I strayed away from why I started making music in the first place. It became a chore instead of a passion. My creativity became lost in a desire to continue to increase profits even though the profits I was already making were surely more than I needed. It wasn’t long before things went downhill…Long story short I stopped making music and disappeared. In that time a lot of things have happened, I have a wife and daughter now, I’ve moved, and I have a well-paying Cloud Engineer job. All sounds good, right? Well, it’s not. 

Over the past 5-6 years I’ve been trying to adapt to working for “the man”, even with a very competitive salary I know my time and energy are worth more. Every 6 months to a year attempting to reignite my music career sending the classic “I’m back emails” only to return for a short time and then give up and take the easy road out by returning to my mundane life at my day job because it’s stable. 

Well, I’m at another one of those times in my life where I’m attempting to reignite my music career again only this time returning to my mundane life at my day job is not an option anymore. Even after switching jobs and an increase in pay, I simply cannot bear to do it any longer. 

Music is the only option for me now, I cannot and will not lose it again. I hope that this inspires some of you and I also hope that some of you will give me the opportunity to gain back your support. 

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